The Director

About The Director

Monti Washington proves that your upbringing doesn’t determine your outcome. Forced to live in poverty due to his mother’s drug addiction, Monti slept on cardboard boxes, cars, driveways, abandoned buildings and crack houses. Living in areas with heavy gang violence, he witnessed his family’s many encounters with police officers, as well as the FBI. Monti spent much of his time in the foster system moving from his birthplace, Phoenix, Arizona to Brooklyn, New York, back to Arizona, to Ohio, and Texas, enduring abuse from foster parent after foster parent.

Despite his adversity, Monti would go on to obtain two college degrees, become a nationally recognized motivational speaker, a published author, an award-winning poet, and a professional actor. His book, titled, From Streets to the Stage, delves deeper into his upbringing and rise to the top, sharing lessons on how to make it from the streets of your fears to the stage of your dreams.

To date, Monti has starred in several features such as She’s With Me and Club Dead. You can also catch Monti on an episode of MOM on CBS, as a guest star on the comedic series One N’ Done and as a recurring guest star on Where The Bears Are. Commercially he can be seen on spots for Microsoft, Nike and Verizon.

Now, directing his first play, Monti invites you to join him on his directorial debut as he continues to unite and inspire.